Certificate Translation



Our expert translation team can translate important personal documents in over 100 languages. For example,

Birth Certificates


You may need to translate your birth certificate for various reasons; changing your name on your passport, getting married overseas etc. Whatever the reason, our expert translators will help you translate your birth certificate into the language required. This service will ensure documents being honored by legal systems.

Death Certificates


We are able to translate death certificates into any of the languages we specialise in and also from any other language into English.

At Global Translations we ensure that you receive a 100% accurate and a professional service. We realize any work not done correctly could create a host of issues and legal implications. This service will ensure documents being honored by legal systems.

Marriage Certificates

Marriage Certificate


Global Translations can assist you in translating your marriage certificate, or if you need a marriage certificate translated for someone else.

There are many reasons for which you may require this service, for example, if you are changing your name on other official documents such as your passport, you will require a certified translation of your marriage certificate.